Sezzle Tips

  1. Shopping with sezzle will require you to create an account.
  2. Sezzle will text you a payment reminder 24 hours before your account is drafted and an email receipt once the payment successfully posts.
  3. Payments will be split among 4 equal payments over the course of 8 weeks. Each payment is 2 weeks apart.
  4. Sezzle now requires a minimum order total of at least $35. Any order under this amount will not be able to utilize Sezzle as a payment method.
  5. If a payment is late, you’ll have a $10 late fee issued. The late fee will be waived if paid within 24 hours of being late.
  6. You’ll have to build a strong payment history with sezzle. Sezzle is not your opportunity to load your cart with hundreds of dollars. You’ll have to grow your trust for what sezzle will allow.
  7. You may return your sezzle purchase as normal, within our return policy.
  8. Orders placed through Sezzle will ship within our standard processing time.